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9 juin 2008 Encore une petite news autour de cet Incredible Hulk qui se fait de plus en plus excitant ! . CAMEO DU CAPTAIN AMERICA : LA VIDEO

11 Jun 2008 Wondering what happened to the Captain America cameo we were promised in The Incredible Hulk ? It's gone, thanks to Marvel's busy editing

11 Oct 2008 Thanks to our intrepid friend EGamb from NYC and our very own addiction to watching the Alternate Scenes feature on all of our DVDs,

11 Jun 2008 So to sum up: No Captain America in The Incredible Hulk , but it's completely safe to take your kids to see a movie about a guy who gets mad,

11 Oct 2008 And of course The Incredible Hulk with Tony Stark. But this "cameo" of Captain America just doesn't fly right with me.

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