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Omelet with cheese and bacon, along with chopped onion and herbs. A fluffy omelet recipe, made fluffier because the eggs are beaten separately.

Fluffy Omelette Recipe - How To Make Fluffy Omelette - Fluffy Omelette Receipe.

16 Mar 2009 You can easily make a fluffy omelet in no time at all. One egg is 70 calories. Add two more eggs for a three- egg omelet and you are up to

21 Mar 2005 The trick is covering the omelet during cooking to fluff the egg , Sounds yummy! never tried to make fluffy omelette before so tonight

FLUFFY OMELET : Separate eggs . Beat yolks with water and seasoning. FLUFFY CHEESE OMELET : Beat egg whites until inch skillet, pour in omelet and cook

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