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Purl One , Yarn Over , Purl Two Together, Knit One Cast on 34 stitches. Knit 2 , *Purl 1, wrap yarn over , Purl 2 together, Knit 1*. Repeat ** to end

Avid knitter in Montreal - come see what I've been working on !

(Slip Knit Pass) or (Slip One , Knit One , Pass the Slipped Stitch Over ) YO is included to create the hole in the knitting . But since yarn over is an

Do It Yourself (DIY) Question: How Do I Knit One , Yarn Over Loosely, Knit One All In The Same Stitch? Insert needle into first stitch on other needle,

Thanks so much, like other viewers I have read about the yarn  over in my knitting books and didn't understand. This makes it all so clear.

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