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2 mailles ens. à l'endroit; K. Knit -- tricoter à l'endroit; K- knit -- Endroit Psso-pass slip stitch -- Passer la maille glissée par dessus St. St stockinette stitch -- Point jersey; St- Stitch -- Maille; Stst- stocking stitch

Aller à Stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette stitch ‎: Stockinette stitch (in the UK, Stocking Stitch ) is the most basic knitted fabric ;

The Stockinette Stitch in Knitting is called for in many patterns, especially sweaters. It is a pattern of alternating knitted and purled rows.

Stockinette Stitch . K. 1 Row, P 1 Row alternately. On circular needle or sock needles knit continuously. To increase. To increase a stitch , knit one stitch

Many patterns will tell you to work in stockinette stitch without explaining what that is. It's very simple when you know what it means.

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