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A baby tooth cleanser should be used up to the age of 3. After the age of 3, a pea-sized drop of children's toothpaste can be applied to the toddler's brush

22 Nov 2005 Brushing your toddler's teeth can be extremely challenging. Some on 1/23/ 2009 Thanks to everyone for the ideas! Our daughter is just shy of 2,

30 May 2001 Tooth brushing can be a fight or battle for many toddlers . Here are some tips to make brushing his teeth fun and encourage good dental

Aller à When should I let my toddler start brushing his own teeth? ‎: Brush your teeth while he's doing his, and then "check" each other's teeth

Are toddler toothbrushing struggles making you crazy? Learn how to get your child to brush her teeth with some gentle solutions that make toothbrushing fun.

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